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Next show is at The Plant in Dothan, AL for St Patty’s Day Jam, Sat March 17th. Get your tickets now! See tour dates for details.

New Jupiter Coyote album in the works right now. Stay tuned for release dates.

 I will be out doing a whole bunch of house shows this year. Check tour dates for info on hosting one.


Alright, we have new JC Tees avail at www.jcmerch.com  Swirly Dog and Crow. Time to upgrade.

Crow back Swirly back steel swirlydogwhiteback frontpocketsteel White frontpocket

 The Raptor Trail’s 4th album “Euthymia” is out now at all digital outlets, check it out.

Euthymia Cover
 Raptor Trail Album From Matthew Mayes, Gene Bass, and John Meyer  out called “Devil On An Indian.”

Devil on an Indian”- Concept album dealing with the internal spiritual warfare that stems from a young man coming to grips with his Native American Indian heritage after being raised in 21st century white Christian morality. A near life-ending motorcycle accident in the desert continues a mystical, poetic, and spiritual journey of self-awareness and understanding, concluding that the heart of man is inherently evil. Set to 10 songs in three movements that seamlessly segue from one song to another, ending with the apocalyptic demise of the world.


Avail at i Tunes and CD Baby



Devil On An Indian


New World

TRTNW 1400x1400

The Raptor Trail

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